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Cyber Security Management Consulting Service

Incorruptible Solutions ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and maintain organization’s continuity of business operations.

  • Offers consulting services to establish a set of information security management system compliant to ISO27001.
  • Security Architecture and Implementation services for complex environments and provide maximum value for your security projects
  • Assist users to adopt and implement the security management system on the ground.
  • Ensures prevention and control, emphasizes compliance with national laws and regulations.
  • Ensures the whole process and dynamic control, selects security control methods to protect key information assets owned by the organization.
  • Provides reasonable safety planning suggestions, provide reference for formulating or adjusting enterprise application system security strategies, and provide basis for the organization’s information security planning scheme.
  • Education and Awareness services to train personnel in behavior that can improve security and reduce risk.

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Penetration Testing Service

Incorruptible Solutions penetration testing services, including vulnerability scanning and artificial penetration.

  • Penetration test service includes the operational penetration, application system penetration, database system penetration, network device penetration, weakness of password, buffer overflow, SQL injection, command injection, Social engineering, ARP spoofing, Sniffer attack, background Password bypass etc.
  • Effectively detect business logic leaks and defects like Evading IDS, Firewall and Honeypots.
  • Verify the protection strength of the web server and web application and assess the possibility of the application system being invaded
  • Evaluate security vulnerabilities and hidden dangers in the system and propose targeted repair solutions.
  • Comprehensive advisory to prepare for future attacks and prevent costly damages that result from real security breaches.

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Safety Risk Assessment Service

Incorruptible Solutions helps in security risk assessment includes entire process of detecting, identifying, controlling, and eliminating security vulnerabilities.

  • Systematically analyze the degree of harm and propose targeted countermeasures and rectification measures.
  • Assessment of network security, host security, application security, data security, terminal security, physical security, management security, and data flow analysis, to ensure assessment results are comprehensive and accurate.
  • Provide reasonable safety planning suggestions, provide reference for formulating or adjusting enterprise application system security strategies.
  • Evaluate the current state of security and specify what effective measures to take, reduce the likelihood of threat events and their impact, and reduce risks to an acceptable level.

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Industries Security

Manufacturing and industrial complexes usually have unique security challenges. Incorruptible Solutions facilitates the organizations to deploy and administer comprehensive safety, security and preventive solutions to secure and protect workers, property and assets. Incorruptible Solutions facilitate clients to rely on us to equip their facilities with proven methods and solutions to ensure worker and visitor security, improve safety, and increase profitability.
Incorruptible Solutions Services includes:

  • Organization and Industrial risk assessment.
  • Workshops & Training regarding Organizations and Criminality.
  • Training of security staff, inspectors and periodic training programs.
  • Pre-employment screening procedures.
  • Hiring practices.
  • Written policies and guidelines framework.
  • Organizational Crimes Investigation.
  • Theft prevention strategies.
  • Access Control Systems to restrict sensitive areas in any commercial or industrial security Facility.
  • Locks and Door Hardware.
  • Emergency Notification Systems.
  • Incident Management.
  • Intercom Systems.
  • Intrusion Detection and burglar alarms for safeguard of industrial facilities.
  • Lockdown Event Solutions.
  • Workplace violence prevention.
  • Substance abuse policies.
  • Industrial security cameras and video surveillance solutions including video management.

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Education Institutions security

Incorruptible Solutions has special dedication into work with public and private Education institutions to identify and address the unique threats. The danger of organized crime merging with militancy poses new threats, and puts education sector at particular risk along with the unceasing problems like drugs use and its sales, Child Abuse, Cyber Crimes, Acts of Bullying and other Criminological issues.
Our solutions help schools and education institutions implement security best practices to protect teachers, students, facilities, assets and more, these include:

  • Schools and Educational campuses risk assessments.
  • Seminars, Workshops and Training on different Crimes prevention.
  • Hiring practices.
  • Access Control Systems to restrict sensitive areas.
  • Emergency Notification Systems.
  • Incident Management.
  • Institutional Crimes Investigation.
  • Intercom Systems.
  • Intrusion Detection and burglar alarms for safeguard of facilities.
  • Solutions for unmonitored areas where students are more likely to fight, smoke, vandalize property etc.
  • Security cameras and video surveillance solutions including video management.
  • Complete security systems integration services.

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Loss Prevention Security

Retail business true success is dependent on trained staff, technological solution adaptations, periodically measures and adjustment of operational processes. Incorruptible Solutions helps in developing and enhancing standards of customers services, initiate by conducting detailed evaluation of certain aspects and elements of your business that directly influence and affect your profit. These includes:

  • Pre-employment screening procedures.
  • Hiring practices.
  • Business Crimes Investigation.
  • Written policies and guidelines framework.
  • Theft prevention strategies.
  • Robbery prevention and response.
  • Substance abuse policies.
  • Workplace violence prevention strategies.
Our solution figures out the methods and procedure used to deletion and draining of profits and conduct a detailed evaluation and examination of the following aspects:
  • Locks and Key Controls.
  • Parking Lots.
  • Merchandise and Stocking.
  • Transportation.
  • Shipping and Receiving.
  • Electronic Systems.
  • Warehouse.
  • Entrances and Exits control.
  • Surrounding and environment

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